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Title I will never forget English Fella!!!
Date 2012-11-06

I studied in English Fella for 3 months and now I am in the U.S.

These days I am really missing the time in English Fella.

It is already 2 months ago I left Cebu but the memories of English Fella make me feel kind of home sick.

I can say that the memories of English Fella will remain for the rest of my life.

The memories are not only about the life in English Fella but also what I learned from teachers.

The life in English Fella is really convenient.

Every student can study in a library with his or her own seat for 24 hours, swim at the swimming pool, work out at the gym and eat Korean meal at the cafeteria.

Regarding what I learned from Philippines teachers, they are really joyful, positive and passionate in teaching.

Furthermore, having 4 hours of 1:1 classes is very helpful.

I could have more chances to speak in English, here in the U.S, there are usually 10 or more students in a class.

The Philippines is really good to study English and to travel on weekends.

If you are planning to study in Philippines, I can recommend English Fella.


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