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Title I think English Fella is one of the greatest language schools in Philippines.
Date 2012-11-09

I think English Fella is one of the greatest language schools in Philippines.

I studied in English Fella for 3 months last summer. Here are some things about Fella I would like to share with you.
Firstly, basically I liked Fella is curriculum so much. Fella is using the well-reviewed textbooks which successfully improved my English skill. Teachers are well trained, too. Because, Fella has its own Training Dept. All the teachers in Fella were and are being trained by highly experienced teachers of the Training Dept. So, every teacher can share the same method skills of teaching.
But, there were some drawbacks. Some teachers came to their classes little bit late. Not all the time, but it bothered me. And sometimes they spoke Cebuano to each other when students were around which I thought of inappropriate behavior. Because, a friend of mine who studied at the other school before said that the teachers in that school spoke only English in the campus especially when students were around.

Secondly, facilities of Fella were very reasonable and optimized. Room was bigger than other schools, I could use the swimming pool anytime I wanted. And also, I used to play Badminton with my friends and teachers in the gym. Food at the cafeteria was tasty (most of times...), and I could buy some drinks & snacks and enjoy chatting with my friends at the Student is Lounge (small store in-campus). The Wi-Fi was not as stable and fast as in Korea, but still available and most importantly it was cost-free.
Of course, comparing to the resort hotels or my own home, Fella was not so perfect. But, considering the fee I had to pay (around 20,000won for a day), my room, the facilities and the food were very reasonable and satisfying. In my experience of travel, world widely the cheap and reasonable guesthouses cost more than 10~15 dollars for a day. At those places, I had to share a small room with more than 8 people, and the meal was not included, and the Internet connection was not free, either. Not to speak of, they did not have swimming pool and gym. Not as good as resort hotels, but Fella was good enough for me.

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