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Title Feedback from Lee,Yu-Shan
Date 2012-11-13


  我的語言學校叫English fella,我之所以選擇這間學校是因為我看到網站上很多美麗的圖片,它讓我覺得是個可以放鬆又可以學英文的天堂,但說實話,fella 1 沒有想像中的大,不過還可以接受就是了。

這邊的人以韓國人占大多數,其次是日本人,剩下來就是其他國家的人,像我就是這個學校唯一的台灣人,雖然在他們使用自己國家語言聊天的時候有點孤單,但好處是我有很多的機會可以使用英文,當然也有很多人問我說我會不會寂寞,但我的回答總是,我有一群同時進來的朋友(batch mates),他們都對我很好,而且當其他學生或老師知道我是台灣人後,都對我很好奇,因為以Fella來說,來這邊的台灣人真的太少了。





I have to say that people have too many prejudices about the Philippines. Before I came here, I had heard much information about the Philippine teachers have weird accent and security in here is dangerous. But now I appreciate that I come to here because I have changed my impression to this lovely place.

   My English school is English fella, the reason I choose this place is because I saw many beautiful pictures on the internet. It makes me feel that fella is a good place where I can feel relax and learn English. However, to be honest, fella 1 is as not big as I thought, but I still can accept that.

   Most of students in here are Korean and then Japanese, rest are other countries. In my case, I am the only Taiwanese in this school. Although when they talk with other people in their own language, I feel lonely, but the advantage for me is that I have more chance to use English. Of course, some people ask me “Do you feel lonely because you are the only one Taiwanese?”. My answer always is that I have my batch mates, they are kind to me and other students or teachers are curious about me when they know I from Taiwan. In fella’s case, there is not so many Taiwanese in here.

As for the education, I choose the Toefl course. Though Taiwan has many resources to prepare toefl, my listening improve in this all English environment and I also dare to speak English because other students don’t know whether my English is right or wrong. Furthermore, teacher in here are very nice, they try to understand what I want to say and they change the teaching content depend on student’s demand. In my opinion, I recommend to choose tips course because ESL is so happy that it is easy to enjoy our lives in fella.

 I think this is a good place to study English. But students who came here for study can separate to two kinds to people. One is start enjoying their lives and giving up their English. Another is keep studying hard. Most of the students are the first one. Of course, studying is relies on the efforts we take, it is nothing to do with others. Moreover, Cebu is a great place to visit. During the weekend, most of the students go outside not stay in the fella. In my opinion, this place is suitable for those who want to have vacation and learn English at one time.

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