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Title Thank you Fella!!
Date 2013-05-24

It’s to hard to be here in Fella. At first, I needed some money for enrolling in this course. In order to do this, I had to do work. Obviously, that made me crazy. I usually get up at 7, and it ends at 5. It was kind of electronic engineering, all I had to do is cut pipe, bring some part that they needed, and so on. Although it was hard for me to work I don’t regret anymore. It makes me more self- confident person and responsible person, I think.

During the work, I tried to contact many agencies in order to enroll in this course. That was really hard to handle, but at this time, it is also good experience for growing myself. The one thing that I regretted is change my agency without any notice in advance. But I couldn’t help making this kind of decision because they needed much than other agency. So I regret doing this, but it the chance that choose the agency was given to me. I would choose some agency as I did before. In her Fella, I usually perform the role as a n agency. I remember that my friends and I went to Camotes about 1 month before. Since I’m the youngest person in my group, I had to handle many things. Making a reservation. Trying to contact a taxi driver. Making some order is all I had to do. Absolutely, this kind of experience improve my speaking and listening skills, as well as communication skills. And went to Bohol at new year’s eve and new year’s day, so I had to do some routine as you read it before.

When it comes to study, I totally satisfied with what I’ve achieved. At first level test, I got level 4. I know that it is so high score that I expected. To be frankly with you, I acted so rude as I was the best student in Fella. However, after I met her teacher Mimi, I realized that my thought was totally wrong. The teacher gave me enthusiasm about studying English, also listening. After that, I studied late around 1 am or 1:30 am. Thanks to my effort and lesson from teacher Mimi. I got level 5 at second monthly level test. I don’t forget her face: It looked like me. I’m proud of you. I moved my pattern class to native. Scott’s class. It is another challenging for me, speaker: so I prepared for all question in advance. It was very, very useful class. Because Scott made me use American English, not broken English.

I also express for my premium class, sitcom and the teacher. She absolutely, it made me increase my reading, speaking skills. And I could learn useful expressions that Americans usually use.

 In conclusion, I would appreciate all teachers.

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