English Fella is Amazing

  • 29 December 2018


Surrounding Environment



School Facilities

I think the best word that describes English Fella is excellence, from the moment that I came to ask for information until my last day I could see it.

With an amazing staff Fella provides not only really interactive and high quality classes with well prepared teachers.

They truly make you have your best life experience. This was done with extra-activities that makes you do “no-mainstream”stuff.

By the way this is one of the greatest things about Fella the mix of nationalities.

During my six months there I have met people from over 15 countries, coming from different continents.

Regarding to the education, I think it’s important to say how important were the teacher that I had there, the classes are just amazing, all of them are marvelous.

The school encourages you to do a international certification exam.

I did IELTS exam and I can see how I developed my English I arrived there with loads of difficulties and I had a lot of support from the school to study hard and give my best in the exam.

The study clubs were particularly important for it.

Well basically I would recommend Fella If you want to have one of the greatest experience improving your language, meeting people and enjoying a nice city like Cebu.