Training review for 3 months

  • 2019-09-15


Surrounding Environment



School Facilities

My name is Sangbeom Woo also known Raymond in English Fella 2.
I am writing a training review in this academy.
As quick as the light, it’s already time for me to leave.
When I came to here for the first time, I was worried to stay in fella.
Because I applied Sparta course in which students cannot go out every weekdays without using coupon.
I think it is very good system for student who wants to study harder in life, because those who applied Sparta course must exist on their chair in the library if they did not use coupon.
Although, they used coupon, they cannot go out every day as the school’s rule. Only Wednesday and Friday can go out but they must come back before 10pm because if they come back late they will get a warning or penalty.
However, even if I studied until 10pm I could not memorize vocabulary because of the homework. Generally, we have 7 classes in a day and every class must have homework. As long as they don’t have premium class, they can start their self-study at 5pm. Therefore, using that time they can do their homework but I strongly suggest it is better to enroll in the premium class.
In my case, I have not memorized a lot of vocabulary. Honestly, it’s my fault though I could cover up what part am I lacking using holiday and weekend but still I have learned a lot.
There are many great teachers here such as T. Zel, T. Randy, T. Malou, T. Ro, T. Arjane, T. Bing and T. Luz. I really learned a lot of things from them.
All in all, I made the best choice of school to study in English Fella 2. I really appreciate all my teachers effort for teaching me.
Also, manager Dana and Hana. Thank you for everything. You always answered my question when I need you although it was weekend.
Thank you everyone for making me happy and the great experience that I had during my stay.