My level test

  • 2019-11-21


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School Facilities

Last Saturday, we had a level test.

There's a level test once a month. 

I didn't study much, but

I studied for the exam.

Today, I will tell you about the test results.

I'd like to introduce you to my study method. My level is still three!

I was disappointed because I expected level 4 this time. But I'm going to admit because I've played that much. 

I practiced speaking test before taking the test.

i tried to rememver

Human, Frog, Butter fly cycle.

First, I practiced water cycle step by step!

I tried to write English composition at each stage.

and then i spoke the letter loudly.

I understood it step by step and memorized it.

On the day of the test, I took a butter fly cycle.

I should have explained it! I'm glad I memorized it.

I was able to speak without being nervous.