First campus life

  • 2019-11-21


Surrounding Environment



School Facilities

Hello, I'm Lily.
I have already learned the language in detail.
It's been a week since I came to English Fella.
There's been a lot of work in the week.
I made some foreign friends.
I made a lot of Korean friends, too.
I'm going to try posting! My English name is Lily.
That's the name I used in English class when I was in kindergarten.
I didn't know what to say by what name.
So, I just chose Lily! And my friend introduced tp Japanese friend.
She's two years older than me, and she has a good pronunciation. when i talked with my Japanese friend,
It feels like my English is improving.
Friday I waited and waited!
With my Japanese friend Yuna,
I went to the ayallomol
It took a long time to get there because of heavy traffic.
I was so happy to be out in a week.
As soon as I arrived, I had a meal first.
it was my First campus life.