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  • 2020-01-14


Surrounding Environment



School Facilities

Recently, I’ve changed my classes. I’ve been here for 3months and I’m little bit bored. So I decided, I should change class. I need to something change. Because I have to stay here for 3months more. And now My batchmates already left. So I don’t have a friends anymore. Actually I have friends! But it’s too difficult to be close with new friends. Despite I don’t have close friends. It is good. In 3months ago, I couldn’t focus on my study. Because we always hang out and travel on weekends. Even Weekdays, we always talked together in bamboo house. So it wasn’t lonely. But we couldn’t study hard. I’ve got level 4 since first time in here. So now I have to study hard. I need to change my mind. Even though I am lonely, I have to study hard. We are in here for learning english!