The happiness in Fella

  • 2020-01-14


Surrounding Environment



School Facilities

Happy New Year! I’ve been here about 1months. Anyone can’t stop passage of time. There was a lot of happening for 5 months. I couldn’t feel my English skill improvement. As well as don’t think, I don’t improve my English. Because I want to come clean, I think, I’ve not studied too much. I like to hang out with friends. And I have my studying style as well. But I thought, it was my mistake. I’m trying to find away how to learn more about English. That’s why I tried to suggest an activity which I think, it suitable for my learning. And I’m happy to study in Fella. I will never forget this memory. I’m going to treasure all the moments that I have in here. I really want to recommend to study in Fella to my friends. You can meet various characteristics people in Fella. Don’t stress yourself out. If we want to learn English.Just do it. Don’t make a mistake consecutively