From fulltime TOEIC guaranty student.

  • 2020-02-04
  • KIM uiyeon


Surrounding Environment



School Facilities

My curriculum was the TOEIC test I was educated for 12 weeks. The guarantee board's condition was that they could take the regular TOEIC test twice for free. But you have to follow very strict rules. There was not enough information about the TOEIC test that I first heard at the institute. Also, I did not get enough information about the guarantee team in the orientation that was conducted on the first day at the academy. They just told me to ask whenever I had any questions. A week after I had stayed at this academy, I found that guaranteed students had to attend two exams during the week. But I gave up the guarantee team because I had already paid the travel plan and all the down payment. And it wasn't until three weeks later that I knew that the guaranteed class had to give up the guaranteed class as well as the regular TOEIC for other classes. So I recommend part time to students who want to come for TOEIC score. Of course, I come here to study, but if I want to enjoy my trip, I think TOEIC security team is not suitable. Before I wrote a note about the dormitory, I changed my room once. The reason is because my first roommate was Korean. I wanted to live with a foreign friend and improve my English conversation skills. So I talked to the manager and changed the room. My room was moved from the second floor to the third. At first, it was annoying to use the stairs. But the third floor has many bindings. First, the temperature of the room was lower than that of other floors. And there was no problem in our capital. Maybe the first time I used water on the third floor, the water supply on the second floor and the first floor was not good. This is just a guess from me and my friend. And I liked the dormitory bed and blanket. I wanted a soft blanket. So I asked the housekeeper for an exchange. As expected, it was much better. And housekeepers clean our room twice a week. It varies from dormitory to dormitory, but our room is cleaned on Tuesday and Friday. Also, I like roommates because they sleep at the same time. Though I was from another country, I could make myself comfortable. And we thought about each other and turned on the air conditioner only during our respective breaks. We discussed with each other and set the time because we have to pay for the air conditioner.  Air-conditioning costs in the dormitory will be deducted from my deposit. And the most uncomfortable part of dormitory is window. Sometimes when there is a crack in the window, a bug or a lizard comes in. Of course, close the window well. However, the function of the window is not smooth. So sometimes there is a gap in the window. I hope the performance of the window improves. And there is a desk in the dorm room. So we can study anytime. So I sometimes studied in a room that was not a library. Because sometimes studying alone in the room can be more focused. And I liked the closet and the laundry hangers in the dormitory. This is because it is easy to dry and tidy the laundry. Sometimes the lack of hangers can be a problem. But we can buy a clothes rack at a nearby mart. So I am satisfied with the overall state of dormitories.