English experience

  • 2019-12-03






Today is my 4th month at English Fella.

 I remember when I first came there was no way to speak, and I did n’t understand a sentence. If I learn a little English here, there is no way to communicate with anyone. At first I also had a fun mentality.  But later I discovered that if you do n’t take the class seriously, there is really no way to communicate with others.  There are many students from different countries here, students from Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, China, etc. Also thank English Fella for providing this platform to make friends so international, what surprised me most is Korea  Culture, I did not expect that Korean culture is so focused on age, and young people must respect older people.  But Fella's environment is very good, and the classmates are very friendly. There are students of different ages, and no one will pay attention to your age group, because everyone has only one goal in common: learning English.  It ’s not very good, it also makes us have a lot of difficulties in communication. We need to look up the dictionary after a few words, but these will not affect any feelings, and it will make us more happy in communication. They also make me feel  I don't feel lonely in a foreign country.