Studying English!

  • 2020-01-27






I’ve already been here for over 5months. I couldn’t  find out how to study English well. When I was in school, I wasn’t good at studying. So I enjoyed playing game, hanging out with friends and I was into music. As you know, mostly students don’t like study. They choose major of music. In my case also seems like that. I didn’t like studying but now I think, it was an excuse not to study. So now I studied which I hadn’t done in a long time. It was difficult for me that find out to study. Finally I found out to study well. But already passed much times. Sometimes I regret not studying hard. If I had studied hard, I would have spoken English better than now. I think, if we study something, then The important thing is we should find out own style. Don’t follow any kind of studying styles. Even if they think it is best way that we can learn something. I could be different for us. Try to figure out your style!