Life in fella

  • 2020-01-31






I am a student who has been attending academy for two months after registering for three months. At first, I was worried if I could adjust to the distance, but after arriving at the academy, I was able to take good care of my managers and meet my good friends. Also, the most important meal for me was Korean food and I could order Korean food so I could adjust my hagwon life better. The sad thing is that I'm a little tired because I only have an hour off. But my teachers also taught me passionately and told me to take a break if I'm tired, so I could study with pleasure even though I'm tired! The cleaner also cleans the room twice a week, so I use the room comfortably and without much inconvenience. I sometimes swim and relieve stress because I have a swimming pool. But sometimes I'm surprised because there are a lot of bugs. You seem to be taking good care of the pool, but I hope you pay more attention! It's good to have fun friday once a month, and there are swimming competitions and volleyball competitions, where students and teachers can get together and enjoy themselves. And there is a pork belly party on the last Friday of the month! It's good to have a lot of activities for students at the academy. I hope to spend the rest of the month well here and then go back to Korea.