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Date 2012-11-07
It was April 28, 2012, my flight day going to Philippines. When I arrived at the airport I was so happy. I was really excited studying at English Fella in Cebu. It was really a resort- type school. On Monday, I had a level test and then we went shopping in Ayala Mall together with our School Manager and my batch Mates. I met good teachers and people in English Fella, Teachers are very approachable and very accommodating. Although we are different ages, different nations, different classes, we don’t care about these.
Even though I stayed and studied here for 8 weeks but I am happy every minute of it. We have self study until 10PM. And we are allowed to go out for only on the weekends.
I went also to to Mactan Island resort, WOW… it was really paradise, the fresh air, fresh seafood, fresh and cold waters.
I am very thankful to all my teachers, batch mates and school manager for a wonderful time and good lessons and if I have given a chance to come back for study I will prepare  to study again in English Fella.
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