SSC Silver Speaking Course

This course is for older adults (50 and above) who would like to develop their speaking skills. This course aims to provide a constant and unceasing practice for learners to speak English during their course duration. This will also enable them to focus on enhancing their speaking skills and in no time they will gain confidence in using the language in oral communication. Furthermore, this will also help them in polishing their speaking skill, especially in terms of academic, social, and business settings. 
Levels 1-9 (Beginner – Advanced).
Class Schedule
1:1 class – 5 hours (S), 1:8 class – 1 hour, Premium Class – 1 hour.
Class Hours
7 hours daily, 35 hours weekly.
Level Guideline
1 level up every 4 weeks (beginner basis).
Entry level test (Speaking & Listening), Monthly level test.
Start Day
At least 1 week
Minimum Age
50 and above
2nd Campus
Regular Students: Free Seating Arrangement /// Sparta & J-Sparta Students: Assigned Library Seat