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Title I like my life in Fella
Date 2013-05-24

I came to English Fella to improve my English skills like reading and grammar which is I’m weak at. Which means I have to study a lot.  I mean really a lot. I have nine classes. Well, I bet lots of people will say “Wow, you are so lucky” or “Wow…, you must be good.” However it was opposite at first. My brain was torturing me. English for 9 hours? You can’t imagine how I fed up doing things. I was kind of annoyed a little bit. There’s so many things that I can’t do like swimming, reading books, or watching movies. Nowadays I’ve got bunch of movies and I didn’t see any of it. Plus, I have to stuck in the library even though my Mom went out doing some kind of shopping or things like that. But, on the bright side I could have ipad in Korea. It is because of Fella. If Fella didn’t allow us to (I mean me to) study 9 hours or study TOEFL. I won’t achieve my wants.

           Second, my personality changed during Fella life. You see there are many teaches here, and if you came here first, they talk to you like “Hi”, “What’s your name?” something like that. And you know if you don’t say “Hi” back, it’s not polite. If that guy (you didn’t reply back) became your teacher, you’ll have a hard time I mean, really tough staying here. So, what I did was to talk with them. My personality is really quite I don’t like talking to strangers. But can’t imagine how I changed. I even made friends (teachers) well; I think they are friend with me. Anyway Miss Yvonne, Miss Glamz are one of them. And the most surprising fact is that I asked my teachers out. We went to Benjamin’s place with Mary (my mom’s only one teacher, she gave me 3 classes) and my teacher Joyen. We had fun, I think. You see, my personality had changed to active, and talkative. My teachers often say I’m very talkative. It was my original personality. I lost it because there was a hardship which I can’t tell. However, it’s good to be back. My life here is good (I can’t find a right word.)

           To conclude, my life in Fella is very bright. I always talks and kind of chat with teachers and I am spending a laborious day. And I like living in Fella. I like my life in Fella.

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