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90 minute limit to complete this test

Student Name: 홍길동 Date: 2012-12-12


A. Directions:  Listen to Rachel Choi.  Complete the information about her family.




Rachel's brother




Rachel's mother



Rachel's father




B. Directions:  Listen to Bill and Kelly talking about vacations.  Check what they say



They usually ...

Last year they ...

6. go in the summer / spring

went in the fall / winter

7. go to Florida / California

went to Colorado / Vermont

8. stay in a hotel / house

stayed in a hotel / an apartment

9. eat in the hotel / restaurants

cooked their own meals / ate in restaurants

10. play tennis / golf

played cards / ice hockey

C. Directions:  Look at the underlined words and listen to the story.    Write TRUE if the underlinedwords are correct. If the Underlined words are not correct, you write the correct answer

11. Ten workers have been rescued.  →

12. They have been spent the past 56 hours.  →

13. They'd been digging a tunnel.  →

14.  While digging the tunnel for the building, the roof of the tunnel collapsed.  →

15. The men were recovering in the hospital.  →

D. Directions:  Listen to Craig on the telephone with his mother. Determine if the statement below are True (T), False (F), and Not Mentioned (NM). Check the appropriate circle

16. Craig starts work at eight o’clock at night.



Not Metioned

17. He goes home immediately after work.



Not Metioned

18. Linda has been working at the software company longer than Craig.



Not Metioned

19. His mother is going to San Francisco next Tuesday.



Not Metioned

20. Craig and Linda are going to cook dinner for his mother.



Not Metioned

E. Directions:  Listen to Carly talking.  Answer the following questions by writing the letter of the correct answer.

21. Where does Carly come from?



the United States

22. How many children does she have?




23. What is her husband’s name?




24. What is she studying?




25. When did she start the program?

last month

last week

a year ago

F. Directions:  Listen to Carly talking.  Answer the following questions by writing the letter of the correct answer.

26. What is his job?

college teacher


marriage counselor

27. How much does he get a week in tips?




28. What time does he finish doing his job every day?

around 6:30 a.m.

aroung 5:00 a.m.

around 7:30 a.m.

29. Which of the following does he do on his free time?

coach his children's team

play baseball

watch golf on TV

30. What does he love in the early morning?

the peace and quiet

the world

meeting a jogger


Directions:  Choose the best answer.  Write the letter of your choice.

31. Do you __________________ church on Sundays?

went to

going to

go to

gone to

32. This sweater isn’t ______________ for me

enough big

big enough

bigger enough

enough bigger

33. Sue is interested in the news. She _______________.

reads every day the newspaper

reads the newspaper every day

every day reads the newspaper

every day the newspaper reads

34. I ________________ TV a lot, but I don’t anymore.

was watching

was used to watch

used to watch


35. The earth ________________ around the sun.

is going


will go


36. Sandy ________________ in America since last month.

has been


is being


37. Jeremy enjoys _______________ home on weekends.

to stay



to staying

38. Let’s _________________ chocolate cake again for dessert.

don’t have

not have

have not

doesn’t have

39. Don’t forget to mail the letter. __________________.

I’ve mailed it yet.

I’ve mailed already it.

I’ve already mailed it.

I’ve just mail it.

40. Every house on the street ____________ the same.





41. I have Diane’s keys. I have to___________to her.

Give back they

give them back

give back them

give it back

42. I met______________ can speak six languages.

woman who

a woman which

a woman

a woman she

43. The plane flew ___________ the mountains.





44. The plane flew ___________ the mountains.

I have

I had

I’ll have

I’m going to have

45. Somebody saw Mike. “Who ____________ him?

did see




46. Somebody saw Mike. “Who ____________ him?

were we going

are we going

we are going

we were going

47. Lisa had to get used _________________ on the left when she went to Tokyo.


to driving

to drive


48. It took us a long time to get here. It was _______________ trip.

three hour


a three-hour

three hours

49. “What would you like to eat?” “I don’t care. ________________ - whatever you’ve got.





50. “Is it OK if Ben stays here?” “I’d rather ___________________ with us.”

he comes

him to come

he came

he would come

51. What time should we ______ tonight?

meet ourselves


meet us


52. Some of the people ______ to the party can’t come.

who invited



they were invited

53. The baby was sleeping, so she opened _______.

quietly the door

the door quietly

quiet the door

the door quiet

54. Yesterday’s game was _______ in this series.

most exciting

the most exciting

more exciting

the more exciting

55. You should notify your supervisor of your vacation preferences _______ April 15.





56. If we had started earlier, we _______ the deadline.

would have met

will meet

will have met

would meet

57. Irene’s pants are wrinkled. They _______.

need ironing

need ironed

need to be iron

need to iron

58. Each ______ has a schedule.


of students

of student


59. We ___________ each other later that day, but I had to phone and cancel.


are seeing

were going to see


60. Lenny ______ leave the hospital only six hours after the baby was born.


was able to


is able to

61. _________ hard work had been of use.

None their

Their no of

None of their

None their of

62. The broadcasting studio is owned by the ABZ Group of Companies, _________ is Sir James Bex.

which CEO

whose CEO

who CEO


63. The syllabus provides an overview of the course as well as delineates activities _______________ a specified period.

to achieved at

achieved be at

to be achieved at

achieved at to be

64. She asked my advice _____________ subject she should study at university.

on to what

be to what

on what

to what

65. ‘Wait a minute’ said Frank, ____________.

running through the door

ran through the door

ran through the door

runs through the door

66. Doctors have ___________ us to cut down on salt in our diets if we want to reduce the risk of getting heart disease.





67. “What did you do to your hand?” ‘I ___________ when I was chopping vegetables.’

cut me


myself cut

cut myself

68. When Bond saw Vanya taking photographs of the plane, __________ that she was a spy.

dawned on him

it dawned him

it dawned on him

it dawned on

69. She felt the mosquito _________ her.


to bite



70. He got angry when they started to _________ his private life.

ask after

ask about

enquire about

enquire after


A. Directions: Read the story and answer the questions that follow.  Write the letter of the correct answer.

Can dreams come true? John Godley bet money that his dreams could come true. During his life, Mr. Godley dreamed of horse races several times. He did not know much about horses or horse racing, but in his dreams he saw the names of the horses that won races. He remembered these dreams after he woke up, and he put what he knew to good use.

The first time Mr. Godley dreamed of horses was on a Friday night. Mr. Godley dreamed that he was reading the names of the horses that won Saturday’s races. The next morning he found the names of the horses from his dream in the newspaper. The horses were racing that day. He bet on the horses and won.

These horse racing dreams came to Mr. Godley off and on for the next twelve years of his life. During that period, Mr. Godley had eight dreams about horses winning races. He always bet on his dreams, and he always won.

Mr. Godley never knew why the dreams started or why they stopped. Was he lucky or did he have a special gift? The world may never know.

71. What is an appropriate title for the passage?

Mr. Godley’s Life

A Winning Dream

Horse Racing

The Lucky Horse

72. Who is John Godley?

a horseracer

a newspaper writer and a dreamer

a newspaper writer and a dreamer

a man whose dreams came true

73. When did he dream first about horse racing?

eight times

on a Friday night

every night

on Friday morning

74. What is true about Mr. Godley’s dreams?

He dreamed of horse racing all year round.

He dreamed of horses twelve times.

He bet on horseracing won every Friday night.

His dreams about horse racing came true all the time.

75. Which of the following is NOT TRUE?

Mr. Godley first dreamed of horses on a Friday night.

Mr. Godley saw himself winning a horserace in his dreams.

His dreams went continuously for twelve years.

He always bet on his dreams, and he always won.

B. Directions : Write the letter of the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

76. It took Brian almost six months to completely _______ from his illness.

pass away




77. I saw a great ________ about Africa on TV last night.





78. It was cold last night I needed to get an extra _______ for my bed.





79. In his life, he has _________ many problems, but has overcome them all.



moved on

taken advice on

80. After she retired from dancing professionally, she got work as a dance ________.





81. In my opinion, attitude ________ more than ability.





82. Janine was so _______ when her daughter graduated from college.





83. He became bored with his law classes and began to skip them and _______ his studies.





84. Marquez went to Paris and had to _________ to survive.





85. Mercedes had to sell the family car and almost every household _______ they had in order to support the family.





C. Directions:  Read the passage and answer the questions that follow. Write the letter of the correct answer.

Every generation has its own unique taste in music and fashion. Although some trends make a comeback from time to time, there is no denying that the sounds of modern music are very different from the music of the past. And typically, the sounds of “today” are harshly criticized by music lovers of the songs of yesteryear.

There were plenty of critics of rhythm and blues (R & B) music in the 1930s and 1940s. And when R & B evolved into rock and roll, the criticism as well as the music just got louder. The older generation could not understand why kids were so enthralled by all the noise of the drums and electric guitars or by the singers with weird hairstyles and strange clothes. Then in 1954, Elvis Presley made his debut and changed the history of modern music. With his good looks and fresh sound, he captured the imagination and hearts of young people around the world. But Elvis did not change history because of his musical genius; rather, he changed history by showing the music industry how a pop idol could make millions.

Although no completely accurate figures are available, Elvis is surely the most successful solo artist in history. Over his career, he had more than 170 major hit singles and more than 80 successful albums. Seventy of these albums went platinum, selling more than one million copies each. According to Billboard, a U.S. magazine regarded as the authority on the music industry, Elvis remains the most successful solo performer with nine number one albums. In 2003, twenty-six years after he passed away, Elvis earned over $40 million - making him the top earning dead celebrity of that year.

If one singer could make such a mark on music history, then a group of singers could leave an even stronger mark. And such a group came along in the early 1960s ? the Beatles. This band of four young men from Liverpool, England, went on to become the most successful musical group in history. Estimates of Beatles recording sales are assumed to be well over one billion copies worldwide. And after the group broke up, each member of the band went on to sell millions more records over their solo careers.

Additionally, the popularity of the Beatles did not die out just because the band members went their separate ways. In 2000, a new Beatles album was released with twenty-seven old hits from the group. The album was called “1” and it was a smash hit. The first week it was released, it went to number one on the Billboard chart, and it stayed there for nine weeks. Including this album, the Beatles set a new record for the most number one albums by any singer or group, with nineteen ? more than twice the number of number one albums Elvis had.

But the evolution of rock and roll and modern music did not end with the Beatles. Other singers and bands have emerged over the years and left their own marks on the music industry. For example, an American band from the 1970s called the Eagles still holds the record for the best-selling album of all time in the United States. Their greatest hits compilation album has sold more than twenty-seven million copies to date domestically. In terms of global sales, however, the Eagles’ album is exceeded by Michael Jackson’s Thriller from the 1980s, which has sold more than forty-seven million copies worldwide.

From Elvis to the Beatles to Michael Jackson, clearly musical tastes have changed a lot over the years. In fact, by the late 1990s the hottest music was neither rock nor pop, but rather rap and hip-hop. With over nineteen million copies sold of his first three albums, American rapper Eminem appears to be well on his way to becoming the next superstar of modern music.

86. What is NOT a characteristic of modern music?

weird hairstyles and strange clothes

the use of an orchestra

the use of drums and electric guitars

rap and hip-hop

87. Who holds the American record for the best-selling album of all time?

Elvis Presley

The Beatles

Michael Jackson


88. What is true about Elvis’s career?

He changed history because of his musical genius.

He became the top earning dead celebrity in the 1980s.

His album called “1” was a smash hit.

He had more than 170 major hit singles.

89. Which one is in correct chronological order?

Eminem ? Beatles ? Michael Jackson ? Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley ? Beatles ? Michael Jackson ? Eagles

Elvis Presley ? Beatles ? Eagles ? Michael Jackson

Eminem ? Michael Jackson ? Elvis Presley ? Beatles

90. The Beatles went their separate ways but were reunited in 2000.



Not given


D. Directions:   Read the sentences that follow, and write the letter of the sentence that best expresses the meaning of the underlined word/s.

91. In the past, journalists kept some information about politicians and movie stars to themselves.

cared for oneself

made a promise

didn’t talk about something

tried to find the truth by themselves

92. Scrutiny may be the price one pays for fame.

suffering for your action

buying something you can’t afford

receiving too much fame from something

paying too much money from something

93. Proponents of mandatory volunteering say volunteering for community service is time better spent than sitting around all day watching television or playing computer games.

making a plan

doing nothing special

sitting with friends in a circle

not taking part in something

94. At first, Mike could not figure out what to do with his two bikes.

make a plan

take part in

destroy something

resolve a problem

95. If you don’t have health insurance, you have to pay through the nose to see a doctor or a dentist.

You have to pay cash.

You have to pay a lot.

You can avail a discount.

You don’t have to tolerate the fee.

96. The tourist slump is badly affecting the hotel and entertainment industry.

Tourism industry is boring.

Fewer tourists are coming.

Tourists are too fearful to come.

Tourists are not interested in hotel and entertainment industry.

97. It is difficult to make ends meet when you earn only $7 an hour.

It is hard to meet others.

It is hard to work in such conditions.

It is hard to earn enough to cover your expenses.

It is hard to end a meeting with just $7 an hour.

E. Directions:  Match the idioms (underlined words) with their meanings on the box.  Write the correct letter of your answer. Three items are extra.

98. My mom ran my father’s medical practice, so she understood how to run a business. She really made it happen for me.

has had no regrets

something so obvious that it needs no thought

helped me greatly toward success

had more of a reaction than expected

a first-rate company or client

things that got the job done

99. Rather than study medical school admissions test, she set up shop in New York and she hasn’t looked back since.

has had no regrets

something so obvious that it needs no thought

helped me greatly toward success

had more of a reaction than expected

a first-rate company or client

things that got the job done

100. The presentation to the personnel on their project must include a discussion of what worked and what did not work.

has had no regrets

something so obvious that it needs no thought

helped me greatly toward success

had more of a reaction than expected

a first-rate company or client

things that got the job done