My three-month of fella life

  • 2023-07-13


Surrounding Environment



School Facilities

I was in a hurry to prepare for language training, so I thought about it for about two days and chose English fella. But I was worried about whether it was a good choice until I came, but now I think it was good to come!
Of course, I don't know what other academies are like, but at least I don't think I regret my choice! The food is good, the accommodation is worth staying, and most of all, I like the people here!
The biggest thing I got during my language training is that I have English skills, but I met a lot of good people and friends.
When I first came here, I was thinking a lot about whether I could make friends, but I was worried.
Everyone is so kind to approach me first.

I have to speak English for more than 7 hours a day in class, and since I have various nationalities, I have to use English when I talk with my friends, so I have no choice but to improve my English naturally!
Teachers are also passionate, and if you ask questions, try to make me understand until the end.
You can also choose the schedule with the teacher according to you!

I think it's good that there are various activities in the academy, so it's convenient, and you can go on a safe and fun tour. Definitely, if you participate in the academy activity, you can get along with new friends!

It was my first time living abroad alone, so I was worried at first. but when I tried it, it was nothing!
It was a very enjoyable 3 months, and if I have a chance next time, I'd like to try language training again. Even if it's not English, I think it was a worthwhile time with a lot to learn!