I love fella❤️

  • 2023-08-24


Surrounding Environment



School Facilities

When I first came to Fella1, I felt like a vacation. Although the school district was small, I could read the school scene at a glance, but this made students feel better. I also visited Fella2 during the study tour. After watching the overall view, I still like Fella1's campus, because Fella2 has a big relationship with classmates, and there are many ways to walk. I like to be close to my classmates myself, so I like Fella1's environment, and I can meet my classmates every day. After the environment is finished, the teachers are also very good. They will be assigned to different teachers for your degree. Each teacher is very serious. The overall quality of life of the school is very complete. The room will be cleaned for two days each week. It makes me feel at ease.