A pleasant life for Fella

  • 2019-04-12
  • Gracie


Surrounding Environment



School Facilities

I stayed in Fella for two months. At first, I didn't expect much in Korea, but now that I have come back, I enjoyed my life with my teachers and friends. In fact, I came here because I wanted to improve my speaking ability, and my grammar and reading skills were improved a lot, and I had a great effect. Also, the best thing about this place is that you can meet friends from many different countries and really get along with them. I feel sad to break up with my foreign friends as well as my Korean friends. And I got really close with my teachers. It was not just between the teacher and the student, but I was very fond of talking about my daily life like a friend. Also, we decided to keep in touch even after we return to Korea because we are all kind to each other. I'm glad I had a good time in my life, making it easy to adapt and fun and informative. Since I was on the Sparta course here, I studied hard until 10 p.m. every day, and the class was not boring, so it was very helpful for my English. I came here to prepare to go to Canada, but I feel proud that I have achieved my goal because I have improved my speaking ability a lot. I will miss my life here and my friends when I go back to Korea. Also, it was best that the education system here was similar to Korea so I could adapt faster and learn English by having fun and talking rather than simply studying it. If I feel that I am lacking in English later, I want to come back even for a short time.