English Fella - Best place to study

  • 2019-06-26






When I came to English Fella, I was impressed by the people working here, from the president, the student’s management of the countries, the chef, the guard, ... all spoke English very fluently. Although I am new to using English all day, I can still hear, understand what they say, because their communication is easy to understand. What about teachers in English Fella? Teachers at the English Fella school in particular and teachers at Philippines English schools will generally teach well about a certain skill. Some teachers are good at Pronunciation, some are good at Listening / Writing / Speaking skills. Very few teachers are good at all skills. I really thank the teachers who have taught me for the past 1 month, they are really good, enthusiastic, happy, inspiring learning, now I have used English more fluently. Not only do teachers help me improve my English skills, but also foreign students from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc. are important factors that make me feel more confident, creating an environment of communication. Next to learn English like vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar,... Perhaps the most special feature of English Fella is a really rigorous learning environment, the intensive study time from 8:00 am to 9:30 pm every day makes me want to go back to Vietnam in the first week. One month I had to study at Sparta campus, which did not allow students to go out during the week, only allowed to go out on weekends. Every day I have to start classes from 8:00 am, this class is compulsory, I am not allowed to take breaks. After only 2 weeks I was used to such a schedule. There are many, many things I want to say about English Fella school, where I have been staying for the past half year. But only one message to send you to learn or group the intention to study English in the Philippines, IELTS training in the Philippines is" Go to English Fella because it is a place to practice IELTS quickly and effectively in a short time. HOANG ANH TU - BEN