Life in Fella

  • 2019-07-03






We are living in a world of equal integration so in order to be more knowledgeable we need a means of exchanging common information that is English. Maybe because my age is not old, but I am not young, so before I do anything, I also consult and consider carefully. I have participated in many interviews, seminars and many websites with lots of useful information for studying English. I chose Fella. I am currently studying IELTS. All felt when living here encapsulated in 3 words: Beyond expectation.
Our student group has 4 people from many provinces but gathered in the same direction to learn English well. We had a lot of fantasies about the school, good and fearful also. From the moment we got to the airport we were greeted by the beautiful manager by the school bus. A strangely friendly feeling. I live in the same room with a friend who came from Vietnam with me. The school has created good conditions for us to learn and practice English. Services: laundry, wifi, swimming pool, drinking water, ... Free. Korean-style food. All the staff is very friendly.
In order to talk about the great feelings about school, I will probably spend a lot of time and ink. But there are two memories I can't help sharing with everyone. It was great. The first anniversary was on a weekend after the stressful school days with two Vietnamese students who wanted to go to Ayala mall shopping center, the sun was hot, after going through the procedures to safely go out to us. waiting for a taxi, waiting for a long, long time. Taxis are already available, taxi is a signal for lunch break ... We have been waiting for life and feel the harshness of the heat of this whole country. Suddenly the manager came out and said we should go inside, she stood alone waiting for us for the car. It was so hot and hot that it seemed that if someone wanted to sweat, the sweat that just popped out on the skin was quickly dried to leave the salty taste ... For a long time, my car called us out and a strange feeling about The stranger is so close to her like she is. That's not something you have to do. Certainly, that action comes from the heart and friendly culture of Asians.
My second memory is in a 4-teacher class, I am the only son, my friends have 2 Korean friends and 1 Taiwanese. In a lesson about family and myself when asked a lot about my family, I could not keep my little heart circulating properly. I cried because I was homesick, I wanted to shout loudly and don't ask anymore, don't say anymore don't make the partitions in my heart thin and swollen, I'm afraid it will melt away. But the Vietnamese guy's ego is full of personality that blocks emotions like a dike bank to prevent flooding, which is fragile and safe. Tears filled and wanted to burst into lashes, the lips were pouting, and the atmosphere of the class stopped as a sudden pause in the middle of a rock song. The teacher has gently asked me: what happen? Harry. I am ok. I pay even if I know I'm not ok. Suddenly, three wet packages suddenly appeared in front of me. Simultaneously like being trained smoothly. Tears rolled. This time not because of sadness, because of homesickness, emotions pushed out from the bottom of my heart. Friendly, sociable, caring, all together are "comrades". I said thank you in choking. And I want people to continue because I feel ok. Friends as well as me ... Only 6 weeks I can return to that peaceful place with my parents. I took the pen and continued with the lesson, but the hands that did not hear the words trembled with emotion. And at the end of the session, when I was called back and asked by my teacher, I was experienced with homesickness and I felt ok. Are you a good, emotional and friendly teacher, good? Of course, he is very good. He corrected me from a small pronunciation error because I spoke English as a joke: speaking English like the English-speaking English.
And now that I have been learning English for 3 weeks, I have confidently communicated, exchanged and made friends with people from many countries. Perhaps with only two narrative stories that I personally experienced, each of me who read this article had an idea and feel about this school about Filipinos, but I'm sure these are Feelings can't be better. If you need to choose a school for a primer, go to Fella to learn and practice English. Not only will you learn English but also practice your English listening skills spoken by many countries, you will confidently study abroad or confidently make friends with all of you around the world. Fella's principle is: Practice English Every day! Coming to Fella you will be living in an environment: English Only Zone. " NINH TUAN HUNG - HARRY2