In English Fella1

  • 2020-01-06






I came to English fella on the first day, because the classmates went out to play on the weekend. When I came to school, there was no one. I thought the school was deserted and nobody was there. After dinner I came to the basketball court and saw someone playing. I used to play with him and chat while chatting. It turned out that he was also a classmate who had just arrived this week. Slowly, the classmates came back and the school suddenly became active. I do n’t know if it ’s exciting or anything on the first night. I did n’t fall asleep. I took the entrance exam after breakfast. I read ESL4 in the first month. ESL is relatively simple for me, but I take group lessons. The teacher was very interesting, the students were very active, and the classroom atmosphere was very good. I made my first group of friends in August, and life began to become colorful. We usually play together, learn together, learn each other's language, go shopping in the mall, and play bowling on the weekends. I also went to Bohol Island with them. Although it was only a day trip, there were regrets and satisfaction. We went to see the tarsier, but they were sleeping. I also broke my fear of heights, and the zipline was really exciting. I find life here very interesting, so I extend it for another 5 months.

In September, I reluctantly sent away the old classmates and welcomed the new classmates. They were also very nice. We went to Mobal to see the sardines and went to the kawasan waterfall. The waterfall was really exciting. That night we played games in the hotel where we stayed. We were very happy. And I changed the course to EBC Business English, and the professional language in it made me have a headache. For the first time, I ate the BBQ once every two months at school, which was very satisfying.

I went to the city tour with my classmates in October and visited the iconic sights of Cebu. There are also many basketball enthusiasts in the school. My campus life is getting richer and richer. Playing basketball with them every day after class is very happy. We played confidently and played against the fella2 campus. Although we lost in the end, we still enjoyed the game very much. The school ’s bi-weekly fun Friday is also very interesting. Everyone rushes to register. It is divided into three team competition games, and each position will be rewarded. There are also talent shows by teachers and classmates.

My classmates and I went to Bantayan in November, because we had a three-day holiday, so we went for three days. On the island, we rode a motorcycle to watch the sunset, went to the beach to play, and rode a motorcycle around the island. Seriously, I really want to stay a few more days. At the same time I sent away my best friends in November, very sad.

In December, I changed the course to IELTS. I set my goal to get 5 points, but at present it is almost close. The time in fella is also coming to an end. This is almost 6 months. Here, bit by bit. I will not forget.