Final leaving day!

  • 2020-02-13






I’ve been here for 6 months finally. I made a lot of memories. Making friends from the start until the end... Actually I didn’t study too much but I don’t regret. If I had studied hard then I wouldn’t have made a lot of friends. And I couldn’t have traveled with my friends. I think the most important thing is not ability as earning money or speaking English. That is who are with you in your life. I’ve met a lot of nice friends and teachers. I will not be able to forget everything while I study here... Sometimes I’m afraid of going back to Korea because If I go back to Korea then I will not be able to hang out with my acquaintances. I have to find my job and I will face the reality. So while I was studying here I was able to recognize how Filipinos enjoy their lives even if they live in hottest weather and working hard this country. They don’t mind their weather and status of life. Just enjoy their lives. I really envy them sometimes. I don’t want to live in competition. So I would say my Philippines’ life is the best experience that I’ve ever had. Thank you for everything and everyone. If I have opportunity to visit Philippines then I will go back here.