Fella life

  • 2020-02-18






  Before I introduce Fella, let me introduce myself briefly. I am Chinese, but I have lived in Korea for 6 years. So I came from Korea on January 6th. I live in Fella from Jan 6th to Feb. 29th. At first, I really wanted to go back to Korea as soon as I arrived in Philippines. Because the weather of Philippines is too hot and wet. But it’s okay now. 

  I choosed Pic-4 course. There are four 1:1 classes and three group classes. I think group class is more interesting than 1:1 class. But I can sure that all of classes are very efficacious.

  First day, I had a level test. I could not speak anything. So I felt very sad. Also Reading part was very difficult for me. I really worried about improving English skills. Because I could not understand what they are said. So I thought I should study hard. I did that! And I can write this feedback without translator now. Haha. Then my level is up!!! And I can feel my speaking of English is improving. I can speak more and more english than first time. And we must speak English in Fella and only English can use in Philippines. That’s why! I really happy to improve my english skill. I have really amazing experience in here. Thank you, Fella!