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Title Sparta Campus MUM CHANGMIN
Date 2014-11-28

Before I decided to study English (an English linguistics institute) in the Philippines,

I had many worries about external factors such as public security, weather and food.

Also I’m concerned about local teachers’pronunciation and knowledge about English.

For those reasons, it’s true that I couldn’t make up my mind easily.
However, my worries were just needless fears. In English Fella, I have never felt discomfort from those things. The food of cafeteria is as delicious as my mother’s dish, and the library is so roomy and clean
that I could concentrate on my own study.

Although English Fella has not many native speakers, local teachers also have as high capability
as native speakers about English even pronunciation.
Nowadays, I am studying English with a passion more than any other time in my entire life. I am dreaming my state which I am confident at English by English Fella.

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