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Title Sparta Campus KIM MIKYUNG
Date 2014-11-28

I have been studying in Fella for 2 months.It was great experience in my lifeI used to study English in Korea for a long time.But when I met foreign people, I couldn’t say anything.It usually makes me nervous.

In here, I meet foreign people, and talk to them using English everyday.It helps me gain self-confidence and improve my English skills and I can learn the correct pronunciation of words also.One of the good
things is to go on a trip and eating delicious food, Cebu is famous for tourism. On weekends, I had made plans with friends.

We can go to fantastic islands, enjoy beautiful sea, and eat tropical fruits and delicious food.Preparing for a trip is also helpful for improving English skill.If someone hesitates for studying in the Philippines,I would
recommend here strongly.

You can enjoy your life and studies English.

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