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Title Sparta Campus JANG YUMI
Date 2014-11-28

Actually in my case, this is my second time in English Fella. If you ask me, why I came back here again, my answer is, I don’t know why I decided to come back again. I just followed my feeling.

When I was in Korea, I really missed here and also my teachers. So, I am back finally and I am having a great time.

I’m usually studying on weekdays and sometimes go on a trip to make a good memory with my batch mates. If you want to study English very hard, you should follow Fella rules and then you can see
your English skills improved. The most important things are to do your best and just enjoy studying. Anyway I have been here for almost 2months.

And a month later I’m going to U.S.A. with a hope that. I can make my dreams come true I might come back here again. Nobody knows.

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