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Title Sparta Campus HONG SANGWOO
Date 2014-11-28

I became a senior in my university.But I found out myself still not good enough at having English conversation and that seriously bothers me.

So before I graduate, I have decided to go abroad to study English, but I also thought this time is too late to spend much time for just studying English. I want to improve my English skill quickly within a short time.

When I tried to choose where to go, first I considered of America or Australia but I’ve heard that many students who had already gone to those places wanted to come to the Philippines again.Because they were disappointed with their environment, there were very few opportunities to use English and a
little bored than they expected.

 So I through of the information from the agencies, chose the place‘English Fella’in Philippines that they
recommended for its impressive home comforts and well-trained teachers.It also has the course I want to attend in my study. This course is very appropriate to me who really want to study but have
very weak determination.

 So I was really on a cloud nine with my first day in Fella knowing that I can milk the most enhancement from English Fella.

 I can use English from the time I open my eyes till I close them through myself study. In korea I often felt there is no time to be exposed in English sufficiently. Here I have 7 classes a day.
Among them there are 4 hours man to man classes. I really enjoy my man to man classes. I can do what I want to do.

Teachers also meet my requirements, and I can learn what I want without other student’s watching.But group class is also necessary, because it gives me the chance to mingle with many people and accumulation different ideas from different individuals, and if I just attend man to man class, I can’t
recognize my state objectively.Surely, sometimes I feel stifled. I’m confined here, can’t go out every day, but in that way nothing can disturb my schedule for the next day and that helps me absorb English and achieve my first goal.

So, sometimes I am thankful for the school’s strict discipline. Now I study everyday in this island that has a beautiful sky and I imagine to have improved my state and English skill when my course is complete. So I’ll just do my best. I know that someone does well in English, English will be his friend and a bridge
which connect him to world, but rather the lack of English ability will just be an obstacle and barrier in his life forever. So I want to be a friend with English. And I hope other students who want to study in
English also come to English Fella and enjoy the pleasure of improving their English skill.

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