• 2020-03-05

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Môi trường xung quanh, môi trường chung quanh

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  Let me introduce fella’s environment. We can buy some snacks in Cafella when you feel hungry or want to eat something. There are smoothie, coffee, Ramen, sandwich in there. Also you can buy something whatever you need. Like pencil, note, t-shirt, cleanser etc. Of course we can take a rest in there. And Fella has swimming pool and gym. We can use swimming pool from 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm. We can play badminton, play ping-pong, play volleyball in the gym. Also you can exercise, and we have another ourdoor gym. We can play basketball. Sometimes fella hold a basketball competition, so we can enjoy it. There are bamboo house in fella. We just talking with friends in bamboo. 

  There are 2 course in fella. One is sparta, the another one is j-sparta. J-sparta can go out on Wednesday and Friday without coupon. But if you are a sparta course student, you can not go out without coupon. That’s a difference. Just choose you want. But if you want to change from sparta course to j-sparta course, you must be at level 5 or above. That’s all about Fella.