• 2020-02-27

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Môi trường xung quanh, môi trường chung quanh

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Cơ sở vật chất trường học

  I heard from many people, if I go to Philippines, must go oslob and kawasan. 

  So I went to oslob, kawasan and moalboal in my third week. I was very tired because we depart at dawn. I wanted to cancel this trip. But the thought disappeared when I saw the sea. It is very beautiful and I was excited to see whale shark. Actually, I am not good at swimming, so I was afraid to swim. That’s why I was only holding part of the boat. I didn’t see whale shark clearly.  I am sad until now. I want to swim with whale shark. I will learn to swim.

  Then we went to the kawasan. The way is too far than I thought. Kawasan’s water is very clean and cold. A few moments later,We were getting cold. Before I arrived there, I thought I can diving, but I can’t! It is too high!!! I just play sliding. It was also a little scared. But I played two times!!! It is very interesting. If you afraid of diving, you can try sliding. And we took picture together. 

Second day, we went to moalboal. I want to see the turtle!! And I saw!! Very cute! The turtle is faster than me. Haha. The moalboal beach also really clean and beautiful. 

It is my first time to do snorkeling. I can not forget this experience. If you go to cebu, you must go oslob!!!